Grant Deed is also a kind of property deed

Grant Deed is also a kind of property deed that is used to transfer property from one person to another or from one entity to another. Grant deed is most popular deed in the State of California.

The grant deed needs to be signed by both the grantor and the grantee. Then the Grant deed should be notarized and recorded in the County Recorder’s office to make the deed valid.

There are other types of deeds available like Quit claim deed or Warranty deed but Grant deed is a standard deed and there is no hard in using the deed. The grant deed also assures that the title of the real property is free and clear and the seller or the grantor has the absolute right to sell the property though for selling or buying a real property most people prefer using Warranty deed. Quit claim deed is used to transfer a real property among family members and friends. The quitclaim deed states that the grantor quits all his or her claim from the property.

If the real property is a mortgage property then the grantor needs to pay off loans to the lender before signing the grant deed or any kind of deed. At least the grantor needs to inform the lender and take his consent before signing the deed. A deed is pretty simple and you can fill the document on your own but you should better take help from an experienced notary official so that you need not to face any problem in future. The notary official will help you make the deed valid.